Descriptive Essay Writing Prompts and Ideas

descriptive essay

Descriptive essays, as the name itself suggests, emphasize on describing a particular thing or a person. They are basically subjective essays. There are a variety of descriptive essay prompts that a writer can attempt to write on. Compared to other types of essays, descriptive essays provide a clear idea about the writer’s vivid observations and imaginations. But all this depends on the type of descriptive essay prompts. Sometimes, descriptive essay prompts are mere ideas or abstract images which don’t exist.

They only have to be described on the basis of the writer’s imagination power. Though this sounds very difficult, truly speaking, descriptive essays are the most pleasurable ones to write as they give the writer the much needed liberty to define the given descriptive essay writing prompts in his own words and opinions. Before beginning a descriptive essay, it is very important to figure out the reason behind attempting that.

For example, out of the many descriptive essay prompts given, a student selects ‘your mother’ as his subject because she is the closest to him and so he will be able to describe her best. Similarly, finding out the reason will help the writer to elaborately explain his views on the particular subject. Descriptive essays are not achieved by difficult mathematical calculations or accurate statistical data. They are purely based on the creative, imaginative and personal skills of the author.

It is necessary for the writer to be able to identify what he wants to describe. In other words, he should be very confident about the subject chosen. Prompts for writing a descriptive essay are of many types. They can be a specific place, a particular experience or some emotion. Whatever they are, the sole objective of the writer is to describe exactly the way he perceives them. Rather than giving a general description, the essays should be totally subject-centered. Descriptive essays should be divided into different paragraphs with each paragraph focusing on the physical, emotional and abstract aspects respectively.

The same essay can be described in thousand different ways by various writers. The more depth and versatility in the description the more interesting the essay turns out to be. For example, “he is an honest man” can also be composed as “he is included in the category of honest human beings”. The use of simple yet meaningful language combined with a gentle attempt to play with words, sometimes, gives a whole new dimension to the descriptive essays.

While compiling a descriptive essay, the writer should project his subject with such efficiency that enables the audience to imagine the object in front of them, literally. This can be best done by concentrating the matter on the five senses, i.e. sight, smell, sound, taste and touch. For instance, the sentence ‘she cooks delicious food’ can also be portrayed as ‘the aroma filled cookies made by her spread a sweet fragrance in the room’. A rich and quality descriptive essay should always involve the use of appropriate words.

Only then the description is worth reading. No unnecessary and vague details must be given out as this can spoil the essence of the descriptive essays. Last but not the least, understanding the concept, prior research work, proper use of adverbs and adjectives, re-read the essay on its completion for any grammatical errors, etc. are some more tips to be kept in mind while writing a descriptive essay.