High School Essay Writing Prompts and Ideas

high school essay

High schools comprise of a great diversity in the students, and so do their learning and writing abilities. When it comes to preparing writing prompts for high school students, the teachers ought to keep a list of things in mind. Of the many writing prompts for high school, some may be easy, some may be hard and some may require exceptional writing skills. Similarly, some students may be dull and some bright. So they should be allotted marks on the basis of the difficulty level of the attempted writing prompts for high school.

Coming to students, they should follow some tips while selecting the essay prompts for high school. Due to the increasing competency, every student wants to give his best. So, amongst the essay prompts for high school provided, they should choose the one which fits in their interests. For example, if a student loves sports, he should opt for high school essay prompts like ‘the on-going US Open’, ‘badminton tournaments’, etc.

High school essays, being tough, demand accuracy from the students. They improve the writing capabilities of the students, shaping them as the future writers. So the students, keeping in mind some simple tips, should excel in the field of essay writing which can fetch them scholarships and many other advantages in future. High school essays are made up of five parts- Introduction, 3 Body Paragraphs and the conclusion. The reason behind breaking it into five paragraphs is that reading a full page at a stretch makes the reader lose his interest in reading.

The introduction should possess the outline of the high school essay writing prompts so that the readers have a brief and clear idea what the writer intends to convey. It should start with a general discussion of the subject and contain some extraordinary words that fetch the readers’ attention. Then come the 3 main Body paragraphs. Each paragraph must explain a single idea or aspect of the subject. These 3 paragraphs form the crux of the essay. So the subject must be elaborately discussed in the 3 paragraphs altogether.

The conclusion should not be abrupt. It should be in complete sync with all the above matter in such a way that the reader is satisfied with the way the subject is summed up. Apart from the five paragraphs, some other vital requirements have to be fulfilled while attempting a high school essay. No matter how familiar the writer is with the topic, he needs to plan the essay before writing. The essay, on the whole, needs to be aptly structured taking care of the minute details every paragraph offers.

At least one example of every aspect of the subject projected should be given so that it enables the reader to have a complete understanding of the matter discussed. The element of transition forms the core of a high school essay. All the meaningful and relevant information listed in the essay goes unnoticed if there is no continuity between two paragraphs. This tends to confuse the reader. Efficient use of such words that connect two paragraphs is a must.

At the end, the writer must re-read his essay and if any errors found must be rectified. As it is said ‘Practice makes a man Perfect’, the students must try writing different essays all year round with the above tips in mind to improve their academic performance.