What it takes to write an excellent essay

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Internet is full of different recommendations and pieces of advice for students. The titles like “How to write an essay”, “Essay writing tips”, “Best way to write an essay” always grasp students’ attention, especially when the finals come. Unfortunately, not all those articles contain useful information, and some of them can even harm, as a low-quality article might contain false instructions. The lowest grade I had when in college was “B+”, and I’m going to give you some tips and tricks on how to write your essays and other papers successfully. So concentrate, read and absorb.

If you are not a freshman, then you should already know the common structure of an essay. Let’s recollect that info:

  1. Introduction. It does not have to be long, 3-4 sentences is more than enough for one to explain what the essay is going to be about. There is one big BUT (spelled with one letter “T”) – a thesis statement. This one sentence is the reflection of the main purpose and idea of your essay, and it can become a reason people will or will not read your write-up. So make sure you have a good and catchy one in place. It can also be a famous quote or saying which reveals the topic of your assignment.
  2. Main body. If we take a 5-paragraph essay structure as an example, the main body would take 3 paragraphs. But of course, everything depends on the type of essay you are working on – more paragraphs for the main body is fine, preferably not less. Each paragraph should focus on some particular argument or idea, but at the same time be related to all the other paragraphs. This will ensure that your essay flows well and keeps the reader interested. Be emotional when proving your stand point – people love that!
  3. Conclusion. . In other words, it is the final paragraph in which you summarize the main points of the essay, propose solutions to the problems discussed or provide a good food for thought.

While writing, always stay focused. You know your goals, you see the target – nothing should disturb you. Don’t let anything distract you, as it may lead to you losing original thoughts and ideas. Be open to the world and sincere to your reader, be frank – people feel when you lie and would never want to read any other essays of yours.

One more useful tip – always conduct a thorough research on the assigned or chosen topic. All your statements should be supported by evidences. It is a good idea to provide some data or survey results within your main body. This way your essay would look trustworthy and informative.

You all know the “think-outside-the-box” saying, right? That’s a very good one which serves as a rule for an excellent essay writer. You have to be original and creative – the two skills that are vital not only for students, but for everyone else. People hate when they read something that has been re-written or paraphrased all over, and once they find any idea you took from someone else without giving them a credit, they will throw your essay away. This piece of advice is closely related to the other one – never plagiarize. Plagiarism may not only lead to failing a class, but also to expulsion. Every student should be aware of what plagiarism actually is. It’s not only stealing the ideas from others. If you have written a paper for one class, and want to turn it in for another one – it’s self-plagiarism. Never heard about it? Google it!

Personally I am tired of people who think they know everything. I have never been one of them – my life motto is the famous quote by Socrates: “I know that I know nothing”. I am always open for criticism and I know I make a lot of mistakes – it’s exactly what being a human is. I’m not saying that my instructions for writing an essay are the best, but at least they helped me succeed in getting my degree, therefore they are worth trying. The prompts mentioned above will really freshen up your writing skills, and if used correctly, will make you a high flyer among your fellow students. Now feel the hunger for writing and give it a shot!