Personal Essay Writing Prompts for College

personal essay writing

Personal essays are always written from the writer’s point of view. It’s a nice way of familiarising the readers with the writer’s thoughts and emotions. However nice a personal essay is, it is always incomplete without a proper prompt. Personal essay prompt forms the core of any personal essay. ‘Unforgettable experience of your life’, ‘What are your future goals’, ‘if you could fly’, ‘Your role model’, etc. are some of the many basic personal essay prompts.

Generally, such easy personal essay prompts are given to students in schools and universities so that they can write their heart out and score good marks. Owing their origin to the primary schooling days, there are many types of essays, personal essays being one of them. Many times students are also given the opportunity to write on their favourite personal essay writing prompts. On such occasions, they come up with topics like ‘Your best friend’, ‘Your favourite picnic spot’, ‘Your proudest moment’, etc.

Though easiest of all essay types, writing a personal essay requires some basic tips to be followed which can make the essay worth reading. Selecting appropriate prompts for writing a good personal essay is the first basic tip. Just by viewing the title of the essay, the readers can have an idea of what the writer intends to express. Every year, different writers and authors come up with thousands of personal essays, so it is always recommended to choose a new and unique topic.

Next is the language and the use of words. The more simple words used the more clear the message will be. Always remember, writers are judged by the quality of their personal essays. As they are incorporated with the writer’s sole view points, personal essays reflect the personality of their respective writers. The essays should be informative and stay focused on the personal essay writing prompts assigned. Without deviating from the topic, the writer should be specific so that his views reach out to the audience.

All the aspects should be seriously noted down with no use of humor. Each time, the personal writing prompts should vary from the earlier ones so that a wide variety of topics are covered which reflects the versatility of the author. Most importantly, the writer should work hard on the introduction and conclusion of the essay because they are the highlights of a personal essay. The essays should be of the optimum length, neither too short, nor too long.
Readers may lose interest if the essay is too long. To keep the readers glued to the topic, personal essays should be divided into paragraphs with no abrupt start or end. They should contain the exact number of words specified, be it 300, 500 or 700. The essence of a good personal essay lies in the manner the writer has portrayed his ideas without hurting anyone’s sentiments or holding any bias. Rather than being generalized, personal essays ought to be specific and to the point.

All the ideas and the words that the essays are made up of should be original without any plagiarism. At the end, the writer should re-read his essay to rectify the grammatical errors and sentence formation, if any. Whether a student or a professional writer, all the above tips should be kept in mind while writing a personal essay to draw maximum audience.